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I'm in Portland visiting my sister! It has been over 90 degrees every day and is a great city to be vegetarian in. I CAN EAT THE WORLD! And we have consumed a looot of tea, pretty much constantly, including an iced oolong I loved called Wizard's Eyebrow.

Speaking of wizards, I just devoured an awesome Harry/Draco fic recommended to me by [ profile] mistyzeo - The Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi. If post-series Auror Harry being assigned to watch out for trying-to-get-by lord of Malfoy Manor Draco (with a side of ghosts!) is your thing, go read it right now!

I'm finding with podfic that I'll follow podficcers into other fandoms I'm only vaguely familiar with. Recently I listened to some 1d fic read by [ profile] aethel, including one hilarious one called Fine By Me (if you never leave).

Anyway, recs!
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Attention inhabitants of my flist. I just finished the Captive Prince series and am very emotional about it (read: crying happy/nostalgic tears into my pillow). I highly recommend you drop what you're doing right now and read them.

I consumed the first two books on livejournal a few years ago and now they've been rl published and the third one was just as incredible. I cannot believe it's over...what do you even do after a journey like that? [ profile] freece is a golden god.
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Borrowing this meme from [ profile] deirdre_c...

The Assumption Game

How to Play:
- Comment below with an assumption that you make about me
- And I will reply with whether it’s true or false.
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I was thinking today about how many awesome people have taken time to podfic, and how I have never made a good list of people who've spent time podficcing my fic specifically, in all of its ridiculousness. I love that we can have fandom at all times and in many different formats and that we can collaborate to make things despite vast differences in location in time and space.

So here's a list, in no particular order! I've immensely enjoyed all of these, and have learned a lot from them about making podfic myself. And look at all the pretty coverart!! I heart all of your faces.

Fill it up with something, read by [ profile] fantamae: Hypothermia.

Better than before, read by [ profile] lavishsqualor: Dean + cigarettes, sound & smell of rain

What must be mine, read by [ profile] fantamae: Dean really wants to confess his big love, but Sam is not having it. Also, part of RoboSam's shenanigans are unearthed.

Mistakes, they're memories made, read by [ profile] colls: Sam deliberates the legitimacy of fortunes and worries soulless-self may have let on too much.

Windfall for the nonbeliever, read by [ profile] heardtheowl: After Sam's first Hell flashback, he and Dean work a job that means posing as a couple in a planned community. *I would like to say that asking me to record the beginning of each part of her podfic was so lovely on [ profile] heardtheowl's part, but as I did not own a microphone at this time I sound a little cray :3

Sew your fortunes on a string, read by [ profile] colls: It's Vegas week and despite everything, Dean's got his money on Sam showing up.

Learn to say the same thing, read by [ profile] fantamae: As the purpose of this weekend is to get to know one another, please wear your name tag at all times. Sam and Dean end up at a single's retreat in the mountains and run into old friends.

His most excellent wardrobe, read by [ profile] fantamae: robo!Sam's ruffly pants are the stuff of fairytale.

You're mah brother, and I love u, read by [ profile] colls: badfic idol wing!fic

Walk away now, read by [ profile] fantamae: Sam and Dean might be cursed. Every time they try to split up, ridiculous mishaps befall them.

As simple as that, read by [ profile] oddishly: Dean tracks Sam's cellphone GPS and sits awkwardly in the Impala in every motel parking lot Sam stays in until Sam storms out and asks him if he thinks he's being subtle.

Talks with Death, read by [ profile] fantamae: Sam is distant and Dean needs a confidant.

Wherefore these dim monuments, read by [ profile] applegeuse, followed by a second version, read by [ profile] fantamae: Sam is going to be offended if Dean doesn't kiss him in public on Valentine's Day.
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In perusing many a journal to find the perfect story to podfic for the Cakeswap Exchange, I've become very inspired to write an actual entry.

There is a lesbian feminist haunted house in LA that a bunch of people were going to go with me to on Sunday, and although many people are backing out...I am still totally going to go, even if I must drive up there by my lonesome. Thus is my desire to go to a lesbian feminist anything.

There are a lot of things I love about my life right now and many things that I'm vaguely dissatisfied with, but it's all secondary to and erased by how much I work. Which is literally just the normal 40 hour work week, but my job is cray, and sometimes (every day) I feel down to my soul that I am not cut out for wasting all of my daylight hours when I could (in a perfect, money-less world) be sipping a latte at a cute coffee shop and following my dreams. Cue existential dilemmas and distress if I think about this for longer than a minute. What really needs to happen is I need to get up hecka early so I can then leave early, but it's hard to imagine actually achieving that.

Supposedly I'm going to Mexico City this next weekend! It's possibly going to happen. I have a ticket in my possession and a desire to skip town, but there is also that really terrifying hurricane, so I have no idea. And this is me being financially unreasonable, but it sounded like a trip that was too cool to pass up -- I was invited by a girl I really like at work whose family lives there. I feel like maybe she can be an actual friend irl? She's very artistic and kind of scatterbrained in a creative way. All whinging about work aside, I do have a handful of people I think are really great there.

Speaking of great, please accept this show recommendation: Other Space! Have you seen it? It is fantastic! I am very serious, go watch it now. It's created by the guy who did Spy and Bridesmaids, and bonus points for it being on YAHOO SCREEN. Just...what.

Ok, this seems to be a good ending point. The end.
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-I have been so out of the loop -- I work a lot and make just enough to pay bills. Currently in life I would like to have drinks money so I can go out more but I know I should be very thankful that I am not extremely worried about money all the time, just somewhat worried. I guess your expectations shift depending on your situation.

-It's really hot here

-I love zucchini noodles (just use a vegetable peeler to make thin noodles and fry them up with sauce!)

-I found out you can successfully sell old bridesmaid dresses on ebay!

This is all to say, please leave a fic rec in the comments! I have a lot of rl things and I need more fandom!
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This round of Spring Fling is seriously awesome. Below are more recs! I am dreading going to work tomorrow, but am going to go really early so I can sit there by myself and mentally catch up. Can get through this week! And so can you!


Foxholes, Anna/Bela/Jo - This is incredibly perfect. Please go read it, it's such a lovely piece, possibly my favorite of this round.

I Want You, Soulless!Sam/Dean - EVERYTHING I WANT FROM A SOULLESS!SAM FIC. The characterization is so so excellent. This was such a fun read.

Contraband, Bobby & Crowley gen - I loved this, and not just because I adore Bobby and Crowley interactions in canon. It's sort of a non-AU future fic, and so nostalgic and the worldbuilding is beautiful.

Only Came for My Princess, Jared/Jensen - Excellent colors and I'm a sucker for walking-away-from-explosion scenes

O were my love yon Lilac fair, Sam/Cas - This was a great AU, just really pretty and I recommend it to every one of you

Set Out Running, Sam/Jensen - I am in love with this fic. It's s8 where Jensen is the vet who Sam meets after hitting the dog

Hide and Go Seek, Sam & demon!Dean gen - creepy with a really fun cameo

For Your Eyes Only , Sam/Dean - really pretty black & white & blue art

Cemetery Dreams, Jared/Jensen - undead!Jared & high school cheerleader Jensen. This is unnerving and great and so well-written.

Let her under your skin, Jody/Linda - a great look at a what a quiet understanding would look like between these two
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So I got a full-time job. After all these years of applying to jobs, it should feel a lot more exciting than it does. I think I jumped the excitement step and went straight to stressing about it, because yeah, it's really stressful, I finally get paid juuuust enough to pay my bills and have a little left over every month. I guess that's the dream? I just wish that I didn't have to sacrifice my middle-of-the-afternoon video gaming, but I guess nothing's perfect.

Anyway, this sudden full-time job happened the same week [ profile] spnspringfling started, so life has been a mess. A fun mess, but homg, was matching & posting etc intense. AND SPEAKING OF SPRING FLING, I come bearing recs before reveals this weekend!

Here are some that I have adored so far:
Letters from a Half-Finished Boy, Sam/Dean - absolutely perfect pre-series, read it now
The First of Many, Sam/Dean ART - Really awesome, detailed happy art
That's what makes it fun, Dean/Crowley pre-slash - I've really enjoyed recent Dean/Crowley interactions, and this is a cool scene exploring that
Finding a throat to choke, Sam/Ruby - A really lovely scene of despair between s3&4
I am become..., Dean & Death gen ART - great comic that packs an emotional punch
The Junk in Baby’s Trunk, Sam Dean & Charlie gen - a hurty gen piece with fun details
the age of miracles, Sam & Jody gen-so perfectly in-character, it feels like a great missing scene from the show

I hope I'll have time to read/gaze at more tomorrow!!! Seriously this job is taking up all my time, and I am very unimpressed.

Also, see this cool podfic feedback fest. One of the activities is you send postcards to readers you love. Sounds fun!

Last and final thing - I'm really sad about Zayn leaving 1D. I'm not in 1D fandom, but I really love them and hope they're all ok (as much as I can hope millionaire celebrities are doing ok, I guess).
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Who wants in on a Big Bang email chain? In the past, it's been twenty or so of us discussing fic ideas, doing writing sprints, and generally joking around yet holding each other accountable to finishing drafts and trying to make our posting dates. I always find the support / general like-minded panic very comforting!

Feel free to post about this on your own LJ. Everyone's welcome!
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Jumping on the bandwagon and filling out this personal info meme. Tag, you're it!

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Sickness has fallen down upon my head, just in time for Christmas. But I wanted to come wish everyone a happy holidays and leave a rec for an amazing epistolary IT Crowd fic I got for Yuletide!!! I am that faily person who has yet to formulate an adequately joyous response, but definitely go read it yourselves!

Tonight is my ten year high school reunion. Life is so weird.
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I bring you...a meme! Stolen from the likes of [ profile] tebtosca and [ profile] quickreaver. Leave a number and I'll answer a personal tidbit about myself. And the magic part about this particular meme is...when I answer I'll have finally finished my minibang! So please help motivate me, kthnx.

Comment with one or more numbers:

0: Height

1: Eye Color

2: Shoe size

3: Do you smoke?

4: Do you drink?

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One of my favorite exchanges of the year! You request five small gifts, fandom-related or otherwise, and then the lovely mod posts a giant post of everyone's separate requests. People then fill the requests, anonymously or otherwise. One year I asked for long-hair tutorials along with a couple drabbles. Last year I got the best Sam/Dean riding a polar bear fanart the internet has ever seen!

[ profile] yuletide assignments have gone out and I am overjoyed at who I got. I've also been going through the letter spreadsheet and lining up potential treats I want to write.

And somewhat relatedly: Swaps! If you signed up for Yuletide, you can take part in one or all of the Candy, Drink, or Book swaps. I've done all of them in past years and I like drink swap the best because I constantly consume hot drinks, but I also got a great Czech post WWII book last year from a girl in the Czech Republic, and awesome candy from a girl in Canada. Highly recommend!

The glee does not stop there. [ profile] peachpai just wrote me this wonderful drabble for a charity auction, in which Dean has a creepy secret crush on Agent Henriksen and Henriksen has a sordid past.

Finally, Supernatural tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THERE IS NO SUPERNATURAL TONIGHT. EVERYTHING IS FINE. That just means fic. Right? I know this sounds disingenuous by this point, but I have been slowly working on a fic since mid-summer that should have been posted before this season started. I love it and it is slowly becoming less relevant, but I will forge bravely on. I also post my minibang in a week. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Sep. 25th, 2014 10:00 am
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How could I forget to rec the podfic [ profile] colls was good enough to do of my horrifying 2013 [ profile] wincon bad fic idol submission? It is called "You're Mah Brother, and I Love U." Enjoy.

Unfortunately, I can't go to [ profile] wincon this year (or friends' weddings) because I am once again jobless. O, brief stint of temp jobbery! How I miss thee. I still have no idea how people irl manage to become employed. I keep considering going back to customer service jobs but I really really hate them and am very bad at them. Anyway, brief rant over. Fortunately, I have never not been relatively broke, so it is not as disappointing as it could be.

I wish good fortune upon you all. Happy Thursday.

ol and rl

Sep. 22nd, 2014 11:36 am
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In fannish news! [ profile] pennydrdful claimed my story for the Sam/Dean minibang and I am so excited to have a pretty decent draft to send her/keep working on. My [ profile] spn_j2_xmas prompts are great and I've already started writing that (by hand!!). And I just signed up for the [ profile] cakehole_club podfic gift exchange. Join me!

In real life news, I just watched all of the painfully great and greatly painful British comedy Him & Her, recommended by and watched while hiding my face behind [ profile] oddishly. Also, I spent all yesterday looking at DIY beauty products, and it seems to be super easy and fun to make your own body scrub, shaving cream, deoderant, or whatever. For instance: this, this, or this. And non-beautywise, I've also decided to start making bitters so I can make awesome cocktails myself. There's a craft cocktail place a few blocks from my house that looks like a 20s apothecary which I'm semi-obsessed with, and it all seems doable at home? I'd love to hear anyone's experience doing diy stuff, ebcause I always think about trying but don't get past the reading-blogs stage.

Today I'm rockin the messy bun with a braided wrap hairstyle. AND YULETIDE NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN??!

good morrow

Sep. 7th, 2014 10:41 am
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[ profile] wendy's vid rec omfg

and her other vids are so good, tooooo!


I am writing a post-s9 fic that will never be done but I want it to be. That is where I am at in life. Also you should absolutely watch the KDrama My Love From Another Star. [ profile] oddishly and I just finished it~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
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Big Bang is speeding toward us like a sparkle-laden train! Let us huddle for warmth (and other tropes) in a supportive big bang e-mail chain.

Drop a line here to be added to the loop.
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