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This exchange is so fun, sign up! I think the deadline is being extended a little. If you've never podficced before I would be so happy to help you learn to edit and I will also make you coverart if you want (of dubious quality:D) this is a purely selfish request, I want more SPN podfic please.

I've been really upset since the election (obviously) and have been having a hard time. I'm trying to do what I can but it is really difficult. People are assholes! Neo nazis abound. I have encountered many Trump supporters personally who I have thankfully sort of stood up to when they were smug/rude to me. My automatic reaction is to cry when I'm upset or feel powerless, and I need to work on coherency instead lol.

Some resources that I've been using to hopefully make a small change:

- going to protests
- call your representatives - awesome comprehensive list with scripts and weekly call to action
- #grabyourwallet - let stores know why you're boycotting them
- There's a Boycott Trump app that shows all the places that sell his stuff
- - tips for what to do about healthcare, your same-sex marriage, education etc.
- I'll be going to the LA women's march the day after inauguration day. Please go to one near you!
- I told HR at work that I'd be letting any of the handful of Trump supporters at work know why I'm not going to be speaking to them. (The HR girl is similarly depressed, so.) It seems dramatic, yes, but it's made things better. If someone's going to vote for a country where the pres wants to put me in a conversion camp and electrocute me, at least I can tell them to leave me the eff alone in the workplace.

Anyway, in summation: things are terrible, please podfic, and please link me more ways to get involved that don't involve donating bc I am broke af!
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